As a sorority, we are deeply devoted to one another. Our title as daughters of God makes us sisters above all else, and we have events among active members, as well as alumni to strengthen our bond and celebrate our strength together.


This pillar is a key element to our sorority. Our sisters actively work with School Fuel where we assist with packing lunches for underfed children. We also partner up with Serve San Marcos where help is needed throughout the community. As well as being actively involved in the church that helps sponsor the sorority, Our Lady of Wisdom Parish, we have an adopted highway in Wimberly that we clean monthly. 


Our motto is "Our Strength is From Above" because it comes from the Father Himself. We have many events to celebrate our Catholic-Christian faith, and we encourage each other to lead a healthy prayer life, grow as the women we were created to become, and keep each other walking along God's path for us.